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5 Benefits of AI-Based Invoice Processing Solution

The recent advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to the development of innovative invoice processing solutions. These solutions can provide a number of benefits, including: time savings, accuracy, reduced processing costs, improved customer service, and increased efficiency. Some of…

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What technology do search engines use to crawl websites?

This article helps explain what tech search engines such as Google use to crawl websites, and how to make your website more search engine friendly so you can get more website traffic. Introduction: what technology do search engines use to…

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How to Estimate Website Traffic

Understanding the potential value of your website traffic is key to managing your digital marketing allocation in terms of time, effort and budget. Here’s how to do it: Introduction: Estimating website traffic Estimating website traffic is a difficult task. There…

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How to Sell Print Products on WordPress Using Web to Print Software

Lately I’ve been researching web-to-print options to enable B2C solutions for printing companies. It’s a high growth industry expected to reach $28.85 billion by 2023. For those looking to get a piece of that pie, WordPress offers a great solution…

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A Must-Have Office Add-In: SOS-Click

Have you ever wondered: “how to autosave in word”? I’m sure you’ve experienced losing an important document at the WORST time. I recently found a helpful Microsoft Office add-on for autosaving: SOS Click. SOS Click allows you to save work…

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5 Ways BI is Transforming Retail Business Strategy

The modern retail business landscape is a place where innovation and forward-thinking are essential for successful customer engagement.  Technology continues to help drive how consumers shop and how retailers do business, and one strategy that’s proven to be particularly useful…

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