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What Can An SEO Consultant Do For You?

Common scenarios where I deliver successful projects:

  1. Your business needs to the point, technical SEO advice in the early stages of your project.
  2. Your website traffic growth has stalled and you need someone to identify why, and how to fix it.
  3. You need an independent WordPress SEO to work alongside your web developer to plan the best approach for your website.
  4. Design and development of your website is already finished and you need an experienced SEO consultant to audit your performance.
  5. You’re looking to launch an eCommerce project on WordPress using WooCommerce and need an SEO professional’s help.
  6. Shopify SEO for your website that’s getting sales from social media, but not much revenue from organic search (Google, Bing, etc).
  7. You require a knowledgeable SEO to get your website up to first page rankings on Google

If one of these situations describes your needs, you’re in the right place. You can hire me to help today.

Responsibilities of Your SEO Company

SEO companies typically plan, implement and manage their clients overall SEO strategy in an effort to generate more organic traffic from search engines. These of duties may include keyword research, on-page optimisation, content strategy planning and link building.

It’s important to confirm what your SEO specialist will do, and if that is the right course of action for your website to get more organic traffic. Each SEO consultant may have different specialties (e.g content, link building, etc), additional skills (web design, PPC advertising, etc) and industry experience. 

I recommend finding one that specialises in what will help your website grow the most is ideal.

My Specialties

On-Page SEO services

  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • Content Strategy
  • Internal Linking
  • Schema Markup
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Off-Page SEO services

  • Google Business Profile
  • Backlinks (via Digital PR)
  • Citations (Business listings)
  • Online Reviews
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Sharing

Why Hire Me?

Working in the digital marketing industry for over 10 years, I’ve seen some real horror stories.

Whether you’re thinking about getting more leads or sales from search engines or your website is ranking already but needs a boost, you’ll need an expert freelance SEO consultant to oversee your project.

Why get sub-par performance from an SEO agency when you can work 1-on-1 with an SEO expert?

Based in Australia, I have a decade’s worth of experience delivering successful SEO campaigns for startups, medium-large businesses, and big brands worldwide.

If you’re an Australian business looking to improve your SEO, or an international company wanting to boost your traffic in Australia: get in touch.

I have vast experience with WordPress and Shopify, with proven processes to audit, optimise and implement the perfect SEO strategy for you.

I’m a good communicator, reliable, proactive and happy to manage your project myself and/or with a wider team.

I want to partner with you and your business for the long term. From planning, through to development, go live and further improvements.

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SEO Success Stories

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Testimonials from People I’ve Worked With

I would gladly give Blake a referral to anyone ready to progress or make the imperative jump into the online space

– Lindsey McIntyre

Very talented internet marketer who thinks outside of the box.

– Andrey Matveyev

Blake was focused and reliable as a strategic consultant

– Christopher McLaren

Blake is cool, calm and collected, you can throw anything his way, he'll handle it like pro

– Georgia Leaker

The words legendary and hero gets thrown around all too often. Blake is neither of those. But what he is, a gun admired by his peers in the online marketing space for his attitude and approach to online marketing

– Oliver Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO consultant works closely with Australian businesses to improve their online presence. They aim to improve the businesses website rankings to it easier for them to be found online. They achieve this by creating and implementing strategies based on keyword research, market and competitor analysis. These strategies make websites more visible, thereby increasing inquiries, leads and sales.

An SEO specialist conducts comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant search terms used by potential customers. Once these keywords are identified, the specialist employs various tactics to align the website with these keywords. Beyond the website, SEO specialists often engage in off-page activities like building backlinks from reputable websites and monitoring website performance through tools like Google Analytics.

When I start work with a new client, the initial steps typically involve a thorough website audit to identify areas needing improvement and devising a tailored strategy to boost the website’s search engine performance.

The cost of SEO Services in Australia ranges from $1000 per month to upwards of $10000 per month. Some agencies charge setup costs that can range from $500 to over $5000.

Price is typically based on the scope of the project, the individual client needs and the expertise of the SEO provider.

As an SEO Consultant, I charge based on the value I provide from my 10+ years experience in SEO. Rather than the typical agency model that encourages you to stay as a client forever (to cover their overheads), I treat each client engagement as its own project. 

If there is enough monthly searches for your product or service to justify you investing in SEO, then yes. New websites with little history may take longer to see a return on investment (ROI), but it will level out over time as your site moves up the search engine rankings.

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