7 Tips to Create Content That Your Target Audience Craves

It is a proven fact that content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and in return costs a whopping 62% less.

No wonder 90% of the organizations have started using content marketing as one of the primary modes of marketing.

Feeling motivated to experiment with content marketing? Well, you definitely should and all that you need to do for it is create quality content!

“How do I create trending content”

Probably, this is one of the biggest questions in the minds of all content marketers out there. And why shouldn’t it be?

Even after churning one post after the other, it is quite unlikely you would end up with the right formula to make your content go from mundane to being spellbound.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you too are searching for the right ingredients. It is when you realize that content creation has a lot more to it than just churning out words. There are just so many little things that can either make or break your blog. Keeping that in mind, here we have tried to simplify the task for you! We have compiled a list of top seven tips that will help you create enchanting content. Read ahead –

1. Finding The Right Topic

B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics. One of the most important of those tactics is finding the right topic for the post. The topic should be such that it lands a significant number of viewers every day. While there may not be anything known as ‘the perfect topic to attract audience’, there are a few topics that cater to the needs of all the readers on the internet. Your aim should be to select such a topic. It is imperative to find one that would increase the rate at which your viewership increases. Historically, people have always been attracted to topics that satiate their curiosity.

A perfect example would be the urban myth of the Lochness monster. Over the years one might inarguably find hundreds of articles about it and still the topic continues to raise the readers’ interest.  The social media is a wonderful goldmine to find the right topic. Scrounging on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Quora will give you a taste of what is trending worldwide.

2. Do Your Homework Well

Choosing the right topic also requires a sufficient amount of research. Before choosing, perform a detailed research on various topics attracting the highest number of people. This would give you a significant insight into what to write about. Newly trending topics may enable you to capitalize on the early bird advantage. Another benefit of this would be that the articles on trending topics are more rapidly and readily shared by readers on their social media accounts…(Think 9GAG).

It must not be surprising to know that 58% of marketers said “original written content” is the most important type of content, outdoing visuals and videos.

Once you have landed on topic, thoroughly…I repeat!…thoroughly research all resources on the internet- this will help you give an element of innovation and freshness to your content.

3. Target Your Audience Well

You could spend countless number of hours writing a thousand word article but you are probably not going to get anywhere if you’re directing it at the wrong audience. Research shows that 48% of smaller organizations have a documented content strategy, as against 41% of larger organizations. Planning your target audience is as important as finding the content that is likely to gather views. Instead of creating generic content that caters to a general public spend time researching your target audience and what appeals to them. This way, you won’t alienate and protect yourself from writing on something irrelevant. Being aware of your target audience also allows you to create tailor-made content making it easier to research topic ideas. You would end up having quite a loyal audience base after following this idea.

For instance, almost half of 18 to 49-year-olds get their daily share of news and information online – and these numbers are growing at an alarming rate. See where it is going? You may have guessed by now what you need to do! Smart you, eh?

4. A Catchy Headline

Content reading on mobile devices increased over 10% in 2014. And why should it not? It is a busy busy world and nobody has even a minute extra to spend. In such a scenario, the title of your post becomes all the more important and plays a crucial role in deciding whether people will spend time on it or not!

Above all, it’s always in the title! There is more than eighty percent probability that you are going to pick up a book to read if it is going to have a title that attracts your psyche. Similarly, having a catchy title is what bridges the gap between an article and #Trending.  What pity would it be if you’ve put in your heart and soul in writing a good blog, but your title doesn’t create that necessary buzz around it?

Now the question arises, “how do I get people to actually click on my article?” The answer lies in thinking about it. Think of something witty that captures your attention and oozes enthusiasm. Some prominent writers even suggest spending at least 30% of your writing time brainstorming about the title. Make sure your title has a soul and that your audience can relate to it.  Don’t shy away from adding a bit of drama to it. Drama sells, they say!

5. Be Candid and Unique

No one likes reading monotonous and repetitive content. A study shows that people spend an average of 37 seconds reading an article. Thus, it is important for your content to be extremely unique and candid in order for it to sell like hot cakes. A tried and tested way of brewing fresh content is adding your own personal flavor to it. Be casual and reflect this in the content you create. Depending on the setting you could also include some humor and emotion. This makes it less formal and more fun to read for viewers.

This is an integral part of content marketing: developing a reputation for great content. Speaking of reputation, there’s nothing that’s going to bring your reputation down like a negative review. Velseoity.com have some great tips on how improve your negative reputation online.

Adding trending memes is also something that could make waves. Hearing about your experience would add uniqueness to your content giving an element of originality to your work. However, refrain from doing so if the situation demands you to be formal. Adapt your content on the basis of your user base.

6. Pay Attention to the Structure

Anything you build is definitely going to fail if you do not focus on the ‘Big S’- Structure. Structure your content well. Make is presentable and enjoyable. Incorporate subheadings and lists wherever possible, making it much easier for the readers to consume the information. Statistically, an average individual spends only about  37 seconds reading a blog post.

This makes it critical for the writer to organize their content in such a way that it’s easy to read for the reader without seeming forced and monotonous. Keep your structure clear and clutter-free. Omit unnecessary information. This enhances readability and optimizes the reach.

7. Use Infographics

All of us like illustrations, don’t we? A kid is more likely to read a colorful storybook rather than a 400-page novel. Speaking psychologically, adding high-resolution visuals to your content immediately makes your content more engaging and interesting. It encourages people to spend more time on your website. It also a great way of conveying more information in a short time…Remember: 37 seconds…and are easier to understand than simple textual content. Interestingly, the usage of infographics grew from 9% to 52% over the past one year.

Thus, these were some of the top tips to create engaging content. It all narrows down to your creativity at last. If you are able to strike a chord with the audience, you win! Not only you, your business wins as well! How? Well, a study shows that populating your website or business pages with blog content is the easiest way to get 434% more search engine-indexed pages than as compared to those who don’t publish quality content. Good luck!

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