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Content Marketing Strategy Framework for SEO

How to create content that ranks

Content marketing plays an important role in SEO success, yet many businesses struggle to find the right formula for success. With the right content marketing framework in place, SEO can be improved significantly. This article will provide insight into how to create a content marketing framework tailored to SEO success.

This content marketing framework showcases how we should plan content for SEO i.e. create content that gets #1 rankings (or better yet, “position 0” featured snippets).

A lot of keywords with “informational” intent follow a similar structure. In this example, I’ll reference Blue Widgets

  • What is a Blue Widget
  • How Blue Widgets work
  • The benefits of Blue Widgets
  • How to choose a Blue Widget
  • Things to avoid with Blue Widgets

The result, is that many topics (and/or keywords) have a lot of similarities. The information is typically always in agreeance with eachother.

After all, there’s only so many ways you can word a paragraph that answers the question “what is a Blue Widget”

Usually the best performing posts have more relevant evidence (mentions of related entities e.g brands, models, tools used, etc), Expertise Authority Trust (E-A-T) and media (images, video, infographics, data tables).

Many SEO’s in the past have confuddled that point with simply making the content longer. For example, is the #1 ranking page for “SEO consultant” has 3000 words, to rank #1 many SEO’s feel their page needs to be 4000 words to “beat” the #1 spot.

This works to an extent.

But to really shoot straight to the top of search results (with way less backlinks) you can create content that shares a new perspective.

Key to winning rankings:

Satisfying the informational intent by providing the user your perspective is infinitely more useful than “what is” type content. Google is rewarding this methodology with high rankings and featured snippets.

If we look at this from Google’s point of view, it makes sense. You’re rewarding the page that has an actual message/opinion on the topic, rather than pages simply trying to cover the topic in its entirety.


<insert image here>

Main Takeaways

  • Try to predict what the user actually wants to know when they search e.g a lot of high ranking “dental implants” pages that work well include price/cost info, because that’s a main concern of the user
  • Cover the predicted topic in a way that does not require them to search again (or, if  more info is needed, link them to your answer of the next anticipated question on another URL)

SEO Tips for Copywriters:

Creating an effective SEO content marketing strategy can often be daunting for copywriters. However, the right framework can help maximize the impact of your SEO efforts, allowing you to reach more potential customers and drive higher website traffic for your clients. This framework covers the core components that go into generating high ranking articles, without relying on backlinks. This is particularly helpful for SEO copywriting services who focus on content creation for SEO, but don’t offer full-service SEO packages that include link build, outreach, etc.

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