6 Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate Quickly

Increasing competition in organic search results with higher visibility of paid ads, emergence of featured snippets, knowledge panels and more has led to a decrease in organic click rate in recent years.

Recent reports show that 50% of Google searches do not end up with an organic click. According to this data, users find what they are looking for on the search engine result page without having to click on any website. It is not enough to be in the top rankings organically anymore. Therefore, CTR optimization started to become an even more important part of the SEO campaigns. You need to convince the searchers to click on your link.

Let’s move on to what can be done to increase the click-through rate quickly.

  1. Produce Content Satisfying for Search Intent

One of the most important things to do if your clickthrough rate is low is to make sure that your content is relevant to what people are looking for.

For example, a user may be looking for a bluetooth speaker review / comments with a ‘bluetooth speaker’ search, or they may want to buy a bluetooth speaker. If you understand the intent of the search behind the query, you can optimize your content to suit it.

We see that the search intent for this query is the purchase. Let’s say people searching this query are looking for comments / reviews. So, a good title might be ‘Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers of 2020’.

When users perform a search on Google and find your site, they won’t click if they find that your title or meta description is not related to their requirements. There are many meanings or intents behind many keywords. See what types of sites are currently listed on these keywords. Ask yourself: Is your site relevant and suitable?

Similar Content is an SEO content tool that helps with content optimisation. This would be extremely helpful for website owners who need help with producing content that satisfies for search intent.

  1. Increase Your Search Rankings

Getting better rankings will increase the click-through rates as well. Well, duh. Quite obviously ultimate goal of any SEO campaign is to get better rankings. However, it is important to know that 31.7% of all clicks go to the result in the first position. In this context, you need to work to optimize your pages, which are now currently in 2-5 positions, to the first position in your target keywords. For this reason, you should prioritize the SEO efforts these kinds of pages for easy gains.

Technical SEO improvements can make substantial contribution to your SEO efforts. It usually refers the optimization your site for crawling and indexing.

However, it includes any technical improvement and adjustment on a website that aims better search rankings as well.Sitemaps, robots.txt, HTTP response codes and redirects, JavaScript indexing, mobile friendliness, link structures, meta tags are topics all related to technical SEO.

Another option is to increase website speed, which is a usually over-looked factor that improves position in search results. Also, adding appropriately structured data for those pages can help search engines better understand your content, which can lead to better rankings. Another way to do this is to get as many qualiys external links (backlinks) as possible for those pages.

  1. Write Interesting Titles

Few quick tips for engaging titles:

1)Write “How To” Titles: When you use the titles starting with ‘How to’ in the search results and use phrases such as ‘learn’, ‘quick’, ’easily’ in your meta descriptions, your clickthrough rate may increase.

2) Write Question Titles: Using titles with questions helps you to be high on the voice search results as well, which is an important source of traffic. Do keyword research for finding the question patterns such as “What”, “Where”, “How”, “Where” and “When” to add common questions people are asking in your niche.

3) Include Social Proof: Topics with social proof tend to be clicked more often because people tend to trust these search results more than those without social proof. An example of a title with social proof is ‘Top 10 Marketing Books Recommended by Experts’.

  1. Meta Description

One of the ways to improve organic SEO click-through rate to increase traffic to your website is to write special, descriptive meta descriptions for each of your pages.

If you don’t create a custom meta description, Google will automatically take a piece of your content and use it. Often, these explanations will not make much sense and will not be the best possible explanation.

Use your meta descriptions to explain what visitors can expect on the page and why they should click on your result instead of others.

Be sure to use the keyword you’re targeting in your meta descriptions. Google shows these keywords more prominently, which will attract the attention of users.

  1. Search Friendly URLs

Another element that appears by default in search results is the URL. Optimising your URL can help increase your click-through rates. It is also good for SEO.

Your URL should contain the keyword you are targeting and should not have unnecessary elements such as numbers or special characters.

If you have a WordPress website, you can adjust your URL structure by following Settings> Permalinks in WordPress dashboard.

  1. Get More Space in SERP

The structured data application is a way to take as much space in SERPs as possible.

It allows you to increase your click-through rate when applied properly. With the right application, when users see your results in SERPs, they also see elements such as review scores, prices of the products, their images and product features.

The type of structured data you use will depend on your website and the type of content you have / what its about.

For example, an ecommerce store will benefit the most form applying a “product” schema to their product pages. A local business such as a plumber may not offer products on their site – so they should use “LocalBusiness” structured data. You can find the ideal markup for you on schema.org.

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