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Image Vertical, an SEO company in Sacramento have shared with me their list of 2019 SEO trends that can boost your site to new heights and pave way for future growth.

For a very long time, SEO has been one of the major imperative digital marketing strategies to gain  prominence on the internet. Despite this fact, a lot of people are still not doing it well. It’s 2019 already if SEO isn’t working for you yet, it simply means you are lacking behind or not staying updated with SEO tools that really work.

Times are changing; Google’s algorithm is changing…

So you don’t expect that your organic traffic will be the same and rest on your laurels.

Digital marketing trends come and go, but there are important trends that businesses are using to rank. 

These 2019 trends are what your competitors are using to win more business, so if you intend to stay in the game, you need to up your game. These SEO trends can help you build on your existing strategy and optimize your overall performance.

  1. Go Visual

Do you really want to get more traffic on your website? Then you should do more of visuals
this year. Studies have shown that visual search stimulates the interest of people more than
just text. Visual search technology and OCR makes it very easy for your customers to find your
products. Visual search is increasingly changing search marketing greatly.

Visual elements can spice up your SEO

This trend allows people who are searching for a product like yours to make use of images like
a photo or screenshot. This trend has really been increasing sales of businesses online. Visual
search is available on platforms including Google, Pinterest, Bing, and some others. Basically,
you are doing a matching style when you use any of these platforms.

So, internet users searching for products can upload a picture with visual search questions like “show me
something like this” or “I don’t know exactly what I want, but something like this will do.

As a website owner looking to optimize your website for visual searches, you need to include a lot of visually stimulating content in your articles. This will bring more engagement, more traffic, and more sales/leads.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

2019 has witnessed a lot of people making searches on websites through voice usage. This
trend continues to be popular and accessible to a great number of people. You won’t believe
how many people use voice search to access different websites on the internet. If this is
happening, there’s every reason why you should optimize your website contents for voice
searches. A survey around voice search usage shows that about 55% of adults and 41% of
children use the voice search daily.

Voice searches are usually longer than word search; therefore, you should target your content to
focus on longer search queries of about 7 to 9 words. Your content should answer the What, How,
When, and Where questions. You should move to the next big thing in 2019 by optimizing your
website for FAQs.

  1. Local Search Targeting

2019 is about conquering your territory first. Local searches are relevant as people are
constantly searching for the best products and services around them. Local SEO is an SEO
strategy that you can use to win at competitions and get known as one of the best in your
geographical region.

You need to start your local search by clearly marking out the local market that you target.
Include your city or town in your meta titles and descriptions, with the name of your service.

Local details and contact details on your web pages are important.

Add your Name, Address and Phone number to localise your pages. Source: MWI, Slideshare

Also, ensure that you localize your content. Add your business name. Right now, it’s no longer about if you should do it, but if you can do that right away. SEO can put you through on a better way to maximize the benefits of local search optimization.

  1. Invest In Technical SEO

If you do not up your Technical SEO game in 2019, it simply means you are not doing SEO at
all. Technical SEO entails all the aspects of SEO that you need to work on to rank high on Google. It ensures that your website is crawlable and indexable.

Ideally technical SEO is a part of constructing your website, but if it wasn’t then don’t worry – an SEO consultant can identify and fix these problems for you.

You have to come to a decision to optimize your website for easy crawlability. No matter how
long you’ve got your website running, solving your SEO technical problems are vital to rank high in 2019.

  1. Satisfy Search Intent

It is not enough that you can throw keywords around; you need to satisfy the search intent and give search users exactly what they want. Google is looking to rank websites that can provide answers to the need of internet users.

The 4 elements of search intent via rebootonline.com

You should understand and be able to answer what someone is expecting to get from a question asked in the simplest way. Not many people are ready to start going over something they don’t need. Be ready to give simple and direct answers to user’s questions on the question phrase typed in search engines.

Ensure to tailor your content in a way that will enhance your audiences journey to enlightenment. Your content should be educative and informative in order to keep your audiences to keep coming back.

  1. Interact With Your Audience/ Customers

Your website should be responsive in every way. Interaction with customers and audiences is
an important trend that can bring more traffic to your website. People love a platform where
they can share their opinions and views and give recommendations, reviews, and feedbacks.
You shouldn’t deny your audience that opportunity, so build interaction with them on your
website and on social media. This will make you have a strong connection with your audience,
which would, in turn, earn you great reviews that will make search engines and users happy.

  1. Upgrade Your Content

Upgrade your content to be quality long-form educating contents. Long-form content can produce a higher Google ranking. It’s going to be a major gain for you if you have more words on your web pages, just like the one you are reading right now.

The theme for building content in 2019 is to have long, well-written, educative, informative, and interesting content on your page.

Many users are having success with converting their old, PDF content to HTML version to improve the flow of pagerank in their website. AnyConv is a great tool for converting file (such as PDF to HTML).

Just make your content awesome and see how things change real quick.

Here you have what it takes to be better at SEO. These trends can help you achieve more in
2020 and beyond. To soar to new heights with an SEO strategy, contact Image Vertical.

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