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Automating redactions from a PDF

If you work with sensitive documents, you’ve probably experienced this situation:

A redaction to a document was not applied correctly, so now you need to fix it and correct the error.

Unfortunately many software’s don’t allow for this, as removing redactions from a document could potentially compromise sensitive information.

This makes it every important to make sure that the person removing the redactions has the necessary authorization to do so.

With that said, here’s the solution:

AI Powered Redaction

AI Powered redaction software automatically finds and remove sensitive information from your documents. This means less human errors than having a staff member manually redact info.

When you manually redact a PDF document, human error and process bottlenecks are common.

It also creates the needs to carefully review any redactions to ensure that they have been applied correctly, especially if the document contains sensitive information that needs to be protected.

The use of reputable and tested software helps reduce the risk of errors in redaction.

A HUGE timesaver!

Redaction Software redaction software finds sensitive information with just one click. You can quickly identify sensitive information and redact it automatically based on pre-defined criteria.

By setting up pre-defined criteria for automated redaction, yor can quickly and easily obscure sensitive information in large numbers of documents, without having to manually select and obscure each instance of sensitive information.

The only downside if you may want carefully review the results of automated redaction in the first few documents to make sure that sensitive information is being obscured as intended before doing it thousands of documents.

But once its setup, you’ll potentially save dozens of hours per year!

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