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How to Sell Print Products on WordPress Using Web to Print Software

Lately I’ve been researching web-to-print options to enable B2C solutions for printing companies. It’s a high growth industry expected to reach $28.85 billion by 2023.

For those looking to get a piece of that pie, WordPress offers a great solution with 3rd party plugins for web to print software (W2P).

What is web-to-print software?

Web to Print software is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses in the printing and graphic arts industry to manage the entire print lifecycle.

Web-to-print, (also known as remote publishing) makes it easier for people to to create, change, authorize and distribute marketing collateral.

Web-to-print can produce a range of promo pieces like brochures, flyers, letters, and postcards. Users simply login to the website to upload their file, select the specific print product they need or simply reorder a past project. These sites typically contain easily customizable templates that allow the user to manipulate and enter text, images, and graphics.

A Complete Web-to-Print Solution For WordPress

PrintNow is an example of a web to print software that offers all the tools needed to launch a functional print store by bridging the gap between those who buy print products and those who sell them.

PrintNow’ offers a 3rd party plugin for WordPress that allows you to specify your template products in PrintNow complete with integration ID’s so you can map to products stored in the 3rd party system. Your website users can choose to customize a product and the Print Editor is launched for online editing.

Projects can be saved and users are synchronized between the systems, users can proof their work and choose to continue through the checkout process. The integration provides thumbnails throughout the checkout process that match the way they were customized. This means when an order is placed the Print-Ready PDF will follow to maximize your website conversion rate.

The main benefits

One thing that is essential for selling printed products online is providing the user Instant print quotes for a hassle-free ordering process.

The main roadblock to success with an online print ordering system is not giving the user an instant quote online.

Ensure you choose a W2P platform that includes instant quoting to provide an good user experience.

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