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How to make buyers out of website guests?

Editor’s note: Krunal Soni a digital marketing expert and founder of Thrillax Private Limited has compiled this list of compelling ways to convert your website traffic into leads and sales.

Today’s generation prefers to shop online at the comfort of their homes. The old tradition of visiting a retail store to buy products is diminishing as time passes by. Everything from large furniture to groceries are being purchased on the internet with increasing regularity.

Today’s busy lifestyle has made it harder for people to go visit local retail shops.

All types of people are switching to digital alternatives to retail shopping. Not only the youth but there are increasing amount of seniors who have changed their shopping habits.

Internet usage is increasing day by day. The amount of searches is increasing notably every year. YThis is illustrated in the graph below:

types on internet users 2019
Types of internet users 2019 (millions)

Which such a huge digital population, the number of visitors on websites are also growing. Visitors are not the end-goal of the company but it is leads and sales. More customers are the main aim of companies through the website. Online customer experience and sales are interconnected.

A common question I get is – How do you turn explorers on the website into customers?

Here are some strategies to help you.

First of all, put up the right content

Content is the most powerful weapon for any marketing. And content does not mean text alone. It includes photos, videos, tutorials, demos, guides, blogs and much more. Good content can be heavily effective. Whereas a bad one can do much harm to your commerce.

Start with determining the type of content you want to publish. Fixing the ideal target audience can help you in that. Use demographics like age, sex, location, interests, financial status, education, and occupation to figure out the perfect target market for your service.

Facebook demographic options via
Facebook demographic options via

For example, young adults are always in a rush so a brief content with more visuals would be better. On the contrary, content like guides or video tutorials in detail having simple design is preferred by the baby boomers (50-70-year-olds). They want to get information easily. Also, they have more time to read which is why content with more text would be fruitful in this case.

Also, take the utmost care that the data is relevant to your target audience. Useless information can be annoying. This can repel potential customers.

Upload Case studies

Original case studies are one of the best ways to generate trust among viewers. More than half of the spectators decide on purchasing a product after reading customer reviews.

Case studies provide social proof of success. Simply stating that your product is the best will do you no good. Instead, provide adequate evidence for the same. It will work wonders in increasing sales.

A customer success story is another name for case studies. As the name suggests, they showcase the success of your offering commented by the buyers itself. Sharing reviews to which the audience can relate will be effective. After all, human beings trust other humans.

Such data tell the customers how the company benefited them by the service provided. Also, it portrays how the products aided consumers in their end-goals.

Show testimonials

It sounds easy to use testimonials on your website. But most businesses fail to use it appropriately. Choosing to upload only the right ones will increase your sales more efficiently compared to putting up each and every feedback.

There are two kinds of testimonials:

  • Short – a very brief testimonial only includes gratefulness to the brand. It lacks a proper message as to how the product or business added value to the customer.
    This end of lease cleaning testimonial provides the social proof to turn traffic into leads
  • Long – a detailed one shows how the product helped in providing ease to the client. It displays the advantages of the product. In addition to that encourages others for making the purchase.
    longer testimonial

As you can see, the second illustration provides more insight to the readers as to why this customer chose a particular business.

Semify do a good job of showing testimonials to build trust with their users.

Target the mob mentality

The mob mentality refers to the influence of peers on people. It is the way people make changes based on the trends adopted by their admired stars or friends. You can turn a very peaceful crowd into a violent one with this.

But, you can make positive use of this for your business. You can use this method by showing how many people recently made a purchase from your site. Or maybe display the number of happy clients you got.

Such data makes the viewers wonder what is so good about you. And they will think that if 600 people were happy with you, there is nothing wrong with giving you a try. This is exactly the message you wanted to send to the readers.

Use logos

Logos are eye-catchy. They are even more visually-captivating compared to numbers. Putting logos of famous companies who are your clients will add value to your page and as a result increase sales lead.

You can also insert logos of the publications or sites you were mentioned on. You can show off the achievements you have gained by working with popular brands.

This does look impressive, right?

Even though there is no solid evidence that logos increase conversion rates. But you will lose nothing if you do so. It sure does increase the credibility of your business. And every bit adds up to the large outcome of increased profits.

Give limited accessExample of providing limited access to the website

Many online publishers like Quora give full access at the start. After the individual has read a few posts, it blocks the further content. This makes the readers even more eager to want to read further.

Here, the website has realized that they have got the internet user addicted to their content. And now they can easily persuade the individual to sign up. Similarly, you can give limited information about the product you want to commerce. Generating more desire for it in the viewers.

This will earn you more subscribers and customers as a result.

Providing fewer options

There is a psychological theory of human behavior known as “the paradox of choice”. It explains why more is less. The theory concludes that lots of choices can hinder decision making and trigger confusion or anxiety.

So, when the person is given a fewer number of choices, he is more likely to purchase something. Meaning, narrowing down the alternatives will be fruitful in getting higher sales from the viewers.


Now that you are familiar with these strategies, incorporate them into your marketing plan and increase your customer conversion rate.

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Krunal Soni is the founder and CEO of Thrillax Private Limited, a digital marketing company. He holds expertise in diverse fields. Ranking up from an SEO lead, he has experience in digital marketing, advertising, social media and everything that beholds the Internet er. His 15+ year spree in this field has earned him clients, and their faith in his tactics. His intelligent strategies have put Thrillax among the leaders of Digital Marketing as per the Clutch report of 2019. A systematic approach, transparent processes and friendly mentoring have allowed him to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.

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Blake Smith

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