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The 9 Main Benefits of Guest Blogging

With a high quality guest post you could gain exposure to a new audience, build brand awareness, increase your reach, and so on.

This is why a lot of SEO agencies use guest posts to build links and improve their rankings.

But there are numerous other reasons to guest blog and to accept guest posts.

In fact, even huge publishers such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider use guest posts as a means to get more traffic.

In you’re unfamiliar with guest posts, here’s a little intro:

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the writing of articles or blog posts for another website. Usually this works in one of two ways:

· You write a post to be published on another person’s website,

· Another person writes a post to be published on your website.

Guest blogging works because there is a mutual benefit between the writer and the publisher.

The writer gets credibility and a potential link back to their website.

The publisher gets fresh content added to their website, which could bring them more traffic.

It’s a win-win.

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

1. Build Effective Relationships

Think of guest blogging as a tool to open the doors to building relationships with others who are in your industry

It can quite often lead to being reciprocated with the offer to guest post on your website.

Ensure you do take up the offer. Both parties will benefit from the viewership of a wider audience and the boost in reputation and credibility that will come as a result.

Tip: Don’t just ask the blogger to publish the guest post and leave it at that. Interact with all comments on their site and social platforms.

2. Grow Website Traffic

Want to gain a wider audience? Has the traffic to your site come to a stand-still?

When you publish an article on a bloggers site, you are increasing the chances that someone who previously didn’t’ know about you and your brand, visits as a direct result of the guest post.

Tip: The more you guest blog, the more likely you’ll keep attracting a wider audience from alternative sources.

3. Increase Your Content Variety

If the aim is to create some variety on your own blog, guest blogging will achieve this. Think of it as different authors offering different perspectives and different writing styles which your readership will appreciate.

Tip: Allowing guest blogging on your website gives the added benefit of giving you some time off from writing.

4. Generate New Business Opportunities

This point is twofold.

Firstly, you could look at collaborating with the blogger with whom you are guest blogging for, be it a writing or business opportunity;

Secondly, those who are reading the guest blog may be interested to purchase, consume or enquire thereby attracting business directly from the blogs readership.

Tip: Guest blogging allows you to communicate to the right audience at the right time for the right reasons which opens the doors for more of those business type transactions.

5. Develop a Reputation as an Expert in Your Niche

Want people to take you and your blog seriously? Writing your opinions on other blogs will increase the chances that your voice will be heard.

Want to become an industry expert?

Guest blogging will give you a backdoor pass. Not only will you be an expert to other bloggers within your industry, but also with their audience base.

Tip: Ensure your articles represent you and your brand and find bloggers who are a good match for your brand. If your blog is funny, add humour into your guest blogs. If your blog is informative, ensure your guest blogs are in-depth.

6. Generate Effective Links

Search engines look at many factors to establish your websites ranking within the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Your offsite link strategy should always include placing links on websites with good authority.

The more quality backlinks from relevant websites you have, the greater your websites ranking.

Tip: Make sure you use your target keywords as the anchor text for these backlinks.

7. Increase Your Social Shares

It is only natural that bloggers share their articles (including guest posts) with their social network, which in turn exposes your guest post with their network.

If you have created shareable content, you should see a dominos effect of social shares.

Tip: Don’t just limit the author bio to point to your website URL, include a call-to-action and link to your Google+ profile

8. Grow Your Brand Awareness

Don’t have much of a reputation for your blog, just yet? Guest posting will expose you and your brand to a new audience of readers who are genuinely interested in the information you have to offer.

Tip: Offer to reciprocate and share a guest post on your blog. This opportunity will help your blogger friends grow their readership and yours.

9. Creating Engaging Content

Your goal should be to write content that is so amazing that other marketers will love and see it as a valuable resource that they will link to it from their websites. Ideally, those links should come effortlessly, without you having to ask for them.

Tip: Have something unique or interesting to say. Something new and unique, which would make people want to reference you as a source will help you get backlinks.



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