TSCourses Review – How good, or not good, is this site?

Many people ask me is what is good platform to learn digital marketing? Are there better sites to use as an entrepreneur looking to get educated? Well I’ve been recommended a good online learning platform. TSCourses is one such platform where learners can access quality courses, enhance their knowledge, and gain mastery over countless skills […]

A Must-Have Office Add-In: SOS-Click

Have you ever wondered: “how to autosave in word”? I’m sure you’ve experienced losing an important document at the WORST time. I recently found a helpful Microsoft Office add-on for autosaving: SOS Click. SOS Click allows you to save work created on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to multiple places at once, including Dropbox, […]

The Content Marketing Process

Diving into the world of content marketing can feel intimidating at first. But like all things in life, developing a process makes it far easier. Here is a 3 step process for creating content that I hope will make it easier for you. 1. Content Research The crucial part of creating an effective content marketing […]

5 DIY SEO Tactics for Small Businesses

This post outlines the simplest SEO tactics a small business can use to get more traffic for their business. 1. Start blogging Every blog post you publish is an opportunity to rank for a new keyword elated to your business. It’s a great idea to focus your content on solving your customers’ problems. This is […]

How to Run a Successful B2B SEO Campaign

Over the past years, I’ve worked for SEO agencies working with many B2B companies. Today I wanted to share some key components of a successful B2B SEO campaign. What I mean by “key components” is how SEO is handled and executed for a B2B company so that it achieves success as efficiently as possible. Many […]

6 Tips to Increase Organic Click-Through Rate Quickly

Increasing competition in organic search results with higher visibility of paid ads, emergence of featured snippets, knowledge panels and more has led to a decrease in organic click rate in recent years. Recent reports show that 50% of Google searches do not end up with an organic click. According to this data, users find what […]

The 9 Main Benefits of Guest Blogging

With a high quality guest post you could gain exposure to a new audience, build brand awareness, increase your reach, and so on. This is why a lot of SEO agencies use guest posts to build links and improve their rankings. But there are numerous other reasons to guest blog and to accept guest posts. […]

Checklist for Choosing an SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

Over 35% of the web is built on WordPress. And a lot of those websites want to being in organic traffic from search engines. If you’re on of those people, one of the biggest concerns is choosing a WordPress theme. Ready to pick a theme? 40+ Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes of 2020 to Rank […]

Improving Mobile SEO with Accelerated Mobile Pages

  Update 2021: Google Has Stop Tying Search Ranking To Accelerated Mobile Pages as of May 2021 So is it still worth it? Our friends at Exclusive Leads Agency recommend: You know how we all like to get on the internet and just browse? Well, with AMP it’s faster than ever. Unless you’re already a blazing fast […]

The Impact of 404 Errors on Your Ecommerce Store and How to Avoid Them

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’ve probably already seen hundreds of 404 pages on your journey through the internet. But that doesn’t mean we should sit idly and just let them happen. Because 404 errors can negatively impact our SEO performance. Let’s get started by diving deeper into what a 404 error actually […]

How to regain lost visitors by redirecting properly in WordPress

So you have decided on changing up your site’s structure, probably in the hopes that it will help you gain more visitors, SEO performance, lower your bounce rate, increase your revenue. One, two, or more pages were removed, merged, had their URL changed. Whatever you did it was probably with the best intention in mind. […]

The Business Case for Outsourcing Data Processing

Learning to leverage data processing to boost sales is a lesson that all of the big players are investing a lot of resources into making a reality. For example, utilising a data processing provider improved data input time by 30%. Artificial intelligence systems and sophisticated software being developed to manipulate data and give businesses an […]

5 Ways BI is Transforming Retail Business Strategy

The modern retail business landscape is a place where innovation and forward-thinking are essential for successful customer engagement.  Technology continues to help drive how consumers shop and how retailers do business, and one strategy that’s proven to be particularly useful for retailers is an Omnichannel approach. Whether you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar store, an online-based business, […]

Ethical Link Building Tactics

Any SEO professional can tell you that link building is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. Well, maybe I should say *earning* links is incredibly hard. Buying links, however, is easier now than it ever has been. However, buying backlinks can be extremely risky. So you have to learn how to build links […]

A Business Owners Guide: How to choose an SEO Agency

Don’t pick a dodgy SEO agency! Read this small-business owners guide on how to choose an SEO agency. What is this SEO buyers guide for? As an SEO consultant I work with many Australian businesses day in day out. Probably at least 1/3 of the customers I speak to have websites that have been let […]

The Return of Investment of SEO versus PPC

One of the basics of SEO is that it is a long-term strategy that delivers a return on investment (ROI) long into the future. Whereas most paid advertising campaigns only deliver ROI dependant upon your ongoing investment. The graph below illustrates the power of SEO and the compounding impact it can have on your website/business. […]

How to make buyers out of website guests?

Editor’s note: Krunal Soni a digital marketing expert and founder of Thrillax Private Limited has compiled this list of compelling ways to convert your website traffic into leads and sales. Today’s generation prefers to shop online at the comfort of their homes. The old tradition of visiting a retail store to buy products is diminishing as […]

13 ‘Out of the Box’ Ways To Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Better customer service makes for a better company and in turn will help a business succeed. Here are some great tips for doing so. Know What Your Customers Are Looking For If you want to provide excellent customer service, you first need to truly understand your customers. Spend a little bit of time researching your […]

5 Beginner’s Tips For Affiliate Marketing Success

If you are looking into the most cost-effective marketing strategy as a form of income, then consider adopting affiliate marketing. It is a form of e-commerce that offers a win-win situation. With affiliate marketing, both parties face the same degree of minimal risk and maximum turnover. With this strategy, you have the retailer on the […]

Resume Tips for a Career in Internet Marketing

Are you looking to get into the ever growing internet marketing world and hoping to start a career in the arena. These tips are here to help you do just this. Choose Your Verbs Action verbs can be a very important part of describing your past employment and experience. Use those verbs to discuss your […]